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    We are welcoming guides and travel agents to collaborate with our team in BestRest, where we strive to provide the best and most favorable work conditions for our workers.

       Our company has signed the exclusive contracts in the field of public catering with more than 500 companies located in the tourist areas of all around the country, wherefore we are provided with the most favorable group prices for our clients. Our team will be happy to assist you to choose a perfect venue for your family dinner or a festive corporate party as well as to organize your own catered event. You can find all the detailed information about each of the places on our website.

         Save money, time and effort with our group rates, just enjoy your vacation and get the most pleasant impressions from the trip with no being distracted — we will get everything done for you. Just write us an email or call +972-52-5512121, letting us know your wishes and preferences, and we will make up the most preferable and suitable options for you

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    BRON Rehovot

    Herzl 166, Rehovot
    Number 073-7595981


    Herzel 167, Rehovot
    Number 073-7761770
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    Ha-Mada 8, Rehovot
    Number 072-3319930
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